How to love and be loved?

Many people agree that our current collective world view is largely based on greed and the desire for power. We have witnessed an alarming decline in solidarity, caring government or just laws. So what is the one thing that can get us back on track?

Will a new regime change lead back to the path of eroticism and morality? I think there is always hope. I am an eternal optimist when it comes to people and I refuse to give up on our future.

Having spent half my life learning how to love and be loved, and working in the world of carnality, I see the answer as very simple.


I know this is not a brilliant idea in itself. "Love conquers all" is a saying we've all heard. The simplistic quote lacks the ethical sense or education that would allow us to understand and even practice Love competently. As children, we are told to see others as beautiful, worthy, fellow human beings. Education for love must also be started at the same time and with the same. It is even more important to teach children to experience beauty, to understand what it really means to be beautiful (not just trendy) and to be able to relate properly to love.

This seems to be precisely what Aristotle himself envisioned for the moral education of the young, when he remarked that from a young age they should be trained to feel pleasure and pain in the right things—ethical training begins with the teaching of the passions. And we cannot talk about passion without the name of Eros coming up. Eros is the god of love and lust, the son of Aphrodite, and we've pretty much worn the term out in relationship and intimacy coaching circles.

We see Eros as the embodiment of our desires or needs, like the blue bird of happiness. This is not bad, but it is only the first step in the development of our inner morality.

Knowing our passions and clearly expressing our desires is an important prerequisite for being able to respect the passions and desires of others.

We must balance our desires with the desires of others, the Earth, and all that exists. Our desires cannot limit the rights of others. Our own experience of Eros must be in balance and partnership with an appreciation and respect for the needs and desires of those around us.

To this end, the discovery of pleasure and pain is not only a personal discovery, but also an opportunity to feel our connection with all elements of the universe.

We must be able to feel joy directly through our own experiences, and we must also feel joy when we witness or share in the fulfillment of others. And pain is also a personal and collective experience at the same time.

So love can conquer all if we find the balance between morality and eroticism. My hope in Humanity and the Universe is that we can find a way to restore this balance. This is not just a nice dream, but a condition for our mere survival.

Hugs, Lívia ❤

(A. Keppie nyomán)

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