Intimacy coaching

Experience intimacy freely! Therapy of sexual disorders of physical and mental origin, resolution of physical and mental trauma.

Being together can be enjoyable for you too, you too can be happy. You can do it – you just don't know how yet...

Physical problems:

– scars after childbirth or surgery
- injuries
– diseases
– physical trauma
– painful intercourse
– vaginal dryness
– lack of libido
– feeling of tension, stiffness in the body
– not accepting one's own body
– early sexual abuse
– sexual trauma
– physical aggression in the relationship

Mental problems:

– mental trauma
– becoming a victim
– abuse
– lack of positive emotions in the relationship
– serious self-esteem and self-confidence problems
– anger management problems, being hurt or offended
– verbal aggression in the relationship
– partners' unconscious relation to each other
– suppression of constructive, assertive aggression
– intimacy disorders
– lack of communication
– harmful, negative patterns

I will show you the way to find yourself and your feelings!

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