Healing maternal wounds and patterns

For all those who grew up with mothers - I think there are many like me - who, although biologically gave us life, were never able to own their Feminine power and embody the depths of "Mother" energy, for them this realization is already a great is an opportunity to heal this pattern and opens up further opportunities for "healing".

When a mother can't or doesn't want to (or because she's not able to) use her own power, she unconsciously rejects or feels threatened even by her own daughters and fellow women, due to the loss of self-confidence, strength and credibility.

Félelmeit, csalódásait, áldozatszerepét és kudarcait a lányára vetítheti, ítéletet mondva felette, és elvárhatja tőle, hogy viselje minden fájdalmát, mindezt tudattalan minták alapján. Ezért gyakran előfordul, hogy a lánygyerek akaratlanul is az anyja helyébe lép, és felnőttként kezd viselkedni, vagyis anyja helyett Ő lesz az anya, a felnőtt a családban…vállalva ennek minden kockázatát.

The injured mother is usually out of touch with her power, and she puts herself in the victim role even when she causes emotional and psychological damage to those around her.

Ez gyakran az úgynevezett toxikus női viselkedés alapja. Amikor magunk is anyává válunk, eljön a mi időnk arra, hogy ezen sérült minták felismerése által egy nagyszerű leckét, és lehetőséget kapjunk a gyógyulásra és saját erőnk visszaszerzésére. Ez egy meghívás, hogy az önfeláldozás helyett az önszeretet felé lépjünk, ezáltal közelebb kerülve az Anyához és a Bölcs Nőhöz. Arra kapunk meghívást, hogy adjunk és tápláljunk anélkül, hogy ez számunkra már túl sok lenne, és megint a régi mintát követve, önfeladással járna.

It is our task and up to us to recognize the wounded maternal patterns that want to live on through us, and to be able to lovingly strive for these programs to slowly "burn out".

What is not up to us is the past and the fate of our mothers. But we are not here to continue, hold or repeat their pain. We don't have to do it all alone, we don't have to be martyrs. We don't have to push love away or live in self-rejection. The incarnation of the mother is more than the birth of a child. We are all capable of stepping into the energy of the Mother, regardless of whether or not we have children.

In order to embody the Mother, we must grow in confidence and unapologetically own who we are.

We must allow and learn, self-love, truth and compassion, Healing maternal wounds is a long process of journey into the unknown... meeting ourselves, our own inner child, and hidden parts of ourselves.

Unraveling these old beliefs and dysfunctional patterns is the key to reclaiming our own inner wisdom. The key is to finally be ourselves, without approval.

Of course, this does not mean that we deny and do not love our Mothers, but we can learn that we can (should) set limits for them. This is not an easy task, as you are rewriting a story, and this is the deepest work of the soul. I believe and I know that there are many of us around the world who can show a new path through our own examples, to those who come after us, so that they too learn what it means to receive motherly love and to live this quality.

With love, Lívia