What led me to deal with intimacy and somatic methods – in other words, with the obstacles to obtaining pleasure and experiencing pleasure, the solution to these problems? The answer is simple, but somehow it is not: MY JOURNEY.


What does pleasure mean? What is it like when we are happy to do something? What does it feel like to arrive at pleasure, to live in it?

On the one hand, I had the opportunity to learn through my own experiences. Then also to further expand my knowledge and to learn and train myself in the strict sense of the word – so that I can now give you this and help you with it.


Because as long as you don't know yourself, your past, you just drift and your power is in someone else's hands.

My past – and the foundations of my profession as a helper – include my valuable experiences, which are also a source of credibility for me. This is something that cannot be learned in courses, but in real life, and of those who succeed, only a few are able to move on and then stand out from there and continue their lives by becoming helpers.

I had to support myself and my child, so I looked for opportunities, which I found: I took the plunge, I found myself – my strength! – and I experienced that I can achieve anything.

And this possibility was none other than what is often referred to as "the most ancient female craft". (Courtesan, prostitute, escort, whore... as you like.) This, like many things, can be done in several ways, but I tried (befitting me) at the highest possible level. It could have gone badly, but I managed to shape my destiny differently.


I have gained a poise, but only because of my own strength.

It drove me to climb out of the bottom of the pit, pay back my debts and get my life in order. And without humility, you can't do that either, and you have to do and give first, so that then life will be on your side. I succeeded, but whoever thinks it's that simple is sadly mistaken.


You put all your "treasures" into this: your body, your soul, and your heart...

I owe who I am today to my own courage and perseverance, and to the very few people who stuck by me through it all and helped me.

I can count how many of them there were on one hand, but their help is all the more valuable.


After that, for many years I denied my own femininity and thought I had nothing to give to the women and men who approached me for help, but when I opened my soul and accepted myself, I realized that this is where my greatest strength lies.

I work with women, men and couples to support them in liberating their bodies, processing their traumas, and transforming their emotional and physical pain, so that they too can find their own resources and thereby experience a more confident and radiant, joyful, liberated intimacy and freedom, whether in their everyday life or in their relationships.

We carry so much shame and guilt. We don't allow ourselves to be who we really are. We hide even from ourselves we hide our true selves, because there is no self-acceptance.


Where self-acceptance is missing, self-love is unfortunately also missing.

Lack of self-love does not allow you to live your life as the best version of you! Instead, we tend to pull back, deny our desires, our fantasies, and play to the maximum for survival and safety.


To realize our own strength as women; not living our lives as victims; to know that we have a choice and that communicating is not a shame, it's even mandatory - so that the man doesn't tell us what and how it should be good!

This is one of my most important missions.


Arriving into pleasure and experiencing it is only possible if we are aware of our pains and let them go.

Do you want to finally feel it?

Are you ready to work on yourself?

To uncover your behavioral patterns that have been ingrained since childhood and resolve them on a physical level?

To find out where your own well-being begins, where your masks and performance compulsion come from, what kind of intimacy you want to experience, can you talk about it?

Are you ready to finally be the center of attention?


I support you in these!

My qualifications:

– BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Training I-IV. (with Giten Tonkov, European Institute of Body Oriented Healing Arts & BBTR Institute)

– Myofascial Energetic Release Training “Fluid Body”
– Myofascial Energetic Release Training “Lower Back and Neck Pain”
– Myofascial Energetic Release Training “Balancing the Pelvis” (with Satyarti Deva Peloquin)

– Certificate of Sexological Bodywork (with Kian de la Cour and Katie Sarra)

– Caffyn Jesse: Intimacy Education (Kanada)

– Wheel of consent with Betty Martin (Dublin)

– Tao of Gratitude (with Chetana Lauren Barkan in India)

– Back to the Body retreat (with Pamela Madsen in Barcelona)

– Bioenergetic character type (with Mona Lisa Boyesen in Prague)

– Dark Eros (with John Hawkins)

– School of Erotic Mysteries/ Conscious Kink traning (with Seani Love in Berlin)

– Primal childhood and sexual deconditioning traning (with Svarup in Poland)

– TRE (level 1 in Belgium)

– Szellemi-lelki párkapcsolati coach és önismereti tréner (Várnai Myrtill-lel)

– Tranzakcióanalízis (Várnai Myrtill-lel)

… and the list goes on! 🙂

Professional portfolio

Csoda történhet, amikor a saját tapasztalatok tudássá érnek

Sexological Bodywork
The branch of somatic therapy that deals with intimacy uses scientific methodology to help you experience new feelings and experiences in your body and sexuality.
Energetic Release
Myofascial Energetic ReleaseⒸ for restoring the balance of the body, promoting the improvement of body awareness with the power of breathing, touch and moving fascia.
BioDynamic breathing
BioDynamic Breath & Trauma ReleaseⒸ contributes with a revolutionary new somatic approach to the release, processing and release of traumas stored in the body for a long time.
Intimacy coaching
You have to know yourself first in order to know your partner. I also work with women and couples who want to take their relationship to the next level.
Energetic Release
Myofascial Energetic ReleaseⒸ for restoring the balance of the body, promoting the improvement of body awareness with the power of breathing, touch and moving fascia.
Wheel of Consent
Giving, accepting, letting go and taking away... The combination of these is the basis of intimacy. Do you know what you want, what are your limits? Are you able to express all this to yourself and your partner?