Sexological Bodywork

Pleasure is the gateway to self-love and self-discovery, but if we don't know what brings us joy, we won't be able to ask for it, give it, or accept it.

Sexological Bodywork is a new kind of solution-oriented approach in the field of sexology.

During the work, we support individuals, couples and groups in learning to manage their own erotic development, through their bodies, in order to get closer to themselves, their own needs, and to get to know their sexuality, as well as to get answers to the questions and possible blockages that arise here. During the work, the companion and the client work together and jointly determine the course of each session, which is the most suitable for the client and maximally supports his development.  

This support can only be carried out by an officially qualified specialist, within the framework agreed in advance.  

The work can be:

  • breathwork and trauma-work
  • movement
  • touch
  • sensual massage
  • pelvic release bodywork
  • scar and fascia treatment
  • Erotic Blueprint meghatározás
  • szexuális traumák feltárása
  • szexuális elakadások, párkapcsolati problémák

always based on mutual consent, respecting the limits.  

Az érintés mindig egyirányú (csak a segítő érintheti a klienst). A kísérő mindig teljesen felöltözve dolgozik.

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