Unique program for couples

A trauma-based method where the feelings and desires of your body come into focus. It is an invitation, a learning process where nothing is obligatory and you always have a choice..

If you are aware of what you are doing, you can change and rewrite the programs that have so far defined your relationship with yourself, your body and sexuality...

Show your relationship and sexuality. and I will tell you what your childhood trauma (pattern) is.

(Esther Perel)

The ability to experience sexuality and intimacy comes from childhood: the same instinctive region in our brain where our traumas are. This is exactly why sexuality and eroticism in a relationship (even in therapy) can be the greatest healing energy if we experience it consciously, not just relying on our instincts. The biggest repository of self-expression and playfulness. I get to know Myself through the other and thereby open my soul and body to Them.

This can happen by learning and expressing our limits and needs.


A trust and surrender where you learn that you have a choice and you have the right to give space to your feelings. You can experience that full openness can also be safe.

During our sexual relationships, we get the biggest "wounds" in terms of trust and control, which is why someone can only experience eroticism and feel their body through pain.

"Healing" can be helped by awareness and learning to recognize: the choice is always mine, because something doesn't just happen to me (like, say, when I was a child or young), but now as an adult it can be rewritten and relearned. What do I use pain for? What is it for me? Surrender = trust. The other can hurt me, but they won't.

Without recognizing our limitations and injuries, there will always be a stifling lack of intimacy.

It must be inherent in life, since we are born from sex; that is why it is essential, if only for the purpose of procreation.