Why do I like working with men?

I like working with men. Men also feel, and men suppress their feelings. Because even the strongest men are vulnerable, and despite the strongest defenses, they can be hurt.

Men also have a voice, a deeper voice creates deeper vibrations in the body.

The male body has the same number of body sensations and the same number of stimulation zones as the female body. Masculinity is as divine and as sensual as femininity.

The man's creative power is power and determination.

The male body radiates energy even when gently hugs, and a man can be hugged strongly to share his power.

Men also have the little boy inside them who sometimes needs to be encouraged, and the child who doesn't always have to be strong.

I like working with men, because men are also capable and worthy of love.

We just say this to them less often. They would need it just as much.

Do you want to finally feel it?
Ölelés: Lívia ❤