Myofascial Energetic Release

Myofascial Energetic Release makes your body flexible again by working on the different layers of the tissues.

80-90% of muscle pains and body deformations are caused by tissue damage or excessive tissue tension (wounded fascia, or scar tissue).

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, for example, is a set of symptoms that is clearly caused by the overfunctioning of the instinctive protection of the pelvis (external and internal genitals, rectum and our associated feelings of fear and shame). A special form of Myofascial Energetic Release, Pelvis Release, can help with this.

We achieve this protection by unconsciously tensing the muscles here and keeping them in constant tension. For any conscious or emotional reason, this defense mechanism can become permanent. Chronic tensioncan create pain-triggering points, deteriorating blood supply and functional disorders of the nerve pathways, blood vessels and the organs thus "protected" in our body. All of this can also lead to the development of a mutually reinforcing process of pain and convulsive tension that increases due to the fear of it.

Every single organ and muscle of our body, including from the skull to the soles of our feet, and even the spinal column, is "wrapped" in tissue. Like a delicate membrane, it encircles our entire body, which is why we are capable of such flexibility and fluidity.

The more negative energy, blocks, and tension our body stores, the more our tissues deform and lose their elasticity, what's more, they lose their sensitivity, and more stimulation is needed to elicit the same feeling.

And the bonus is that Myofascial Energetic Release combined with BioDynamic Breathwork we get an effective technique that allows us to experience the flow of energy in our body again and what the physical sensation means.

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